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Find Out Why Thousands Of Individuals Suffering From Neck Pain Are Rushing To Get This Instant Pain Relief Device.

By John Edwards

June 21, 2021 at 9:17 am EDT

Summary: Discover the simple to use device that will relieve chronic neck pain in just 5 minutes a day. Honestly, it’s quite genius…

If you’re reading this, chances are you work a desk job, stuck in front of the screen for up to 10 hours a day.

And, if you’re anything like me you end most workdays with that “locked up” feeling in your neck from all that time spent in an unnatural position.

On the bad days, and without any inexplicable reason, you wake up with a neck so painful you can barely drive, turn your head, or do anything at all.

In my own case, I noticed my neck pain was taking over every aspect of my life…

Tight muscles would cause headaches that made it difficult to concentrate at work and I struggled to play with my kids without pain.

I couldn’t completely enjoy any moment because I always had that constant reminder of pain.

I resorted to strange stretches that I saw on YouTube, pain killers and I was seeing my chiropractor three times a week which gave me some short-term relief, but nothing long lasting (and was burning a hole in my wallet).

I was fearing a life of pain and even potential surgery as I got older until one day a solution was presented to me.

I was browsing social media and was targeted by a Facebook ad for a neck pain relief product from a company called Kenko Back. I’ve been burnt by social media ads
before, but I was so desperate I decided to purchase.

This device has been an absolute lifesaver… it’s called the Neck Hero.

Introducing The Neck Hero

The Neck Hero device was designed by an American Chiropractor during the lockdown as a way to make sure his patients could still get neck pain relief without coming into the clinic.

Most neck pain devices look like something from a horror movie and don’t stretch the neck at the correct and most effective angle.

So, this chiropractor made something different.

What Makes The Neck Hero So Special?

When you’re stuck at a desk for extended periods of time, your neck compresses which puts pressure on discs and nerves running through the spine. This results in neck pain that can impact every area of life.

The Neck Hero uses evidence based cervical traction, to provide a stretch on the neck at the most optimal angle.

This reverses the spinal compression, relieves pressure on delicate discs and pinched nerves to ultimately eliminate chronic neck pain.

The best part is that the Neck Hero is ready to use in under 30 seconds, and it only take 5 minutes per day!

I typically use it right before I go to sleep, and I have woken up each morning well-rested and pain free since.

What Else Can The Neck Hero Do?

☑️ 3 Adjustable Levels: For any level of neck pain and to ensure the perfect stretch every single time.

☑️ 88 Acupressure Points & Neck Node: digs into and releases tight muscles in the neck. It feels like a masseuse from the comfort of home.

☑️ Portable & Compact: Perfect to take into the office, gym or wherever you need neck pain relief.

☑️ Built To Last:
Made from durable ABS that will stand the test of time and takes up to 140kg of weight.

What Are The Benefits Of The Neck Hero?

☑️ Instant neck pain relief: You will feel the difference after just one use of the Neck Hero device.

☑️ Fits into a busy schedule: All it takes is 5 minutes a day of use.

☑️ Long term benefits: After two weeks of consistent use, the neck’s natural posture will begin to restore and this will promote an increase of nutrient rich blood to the neck area, resulting in damage reversal and long-term pain relief.

☑️ Money saved from the chiropractor: Kenko Back customers are seeing the chiropractor 5x less with this device, and saving hundreds of dollars per month.

☑️ Ideal for: chronic neck pain, headaches and migraines, pinched nerves, herniated disc, muscular stiffness & desk posture.



''I work on a computer screen all day, which means my neck gets super stiff. The Neck Hero by Kenko Back has literally helped me eliminate my neck pain''
- Harry B.
"I saw an ad on Facebook for the Neck Hero and was sceptical, but it had a bunch of reviews so thought I’d give it a try. They weren’t wrong, this thing is awesome."
- Ronny A.
''You're probably wondering should I buy it? And yes, if you have any sort of unresolved neck pain, if you're going to the chiropractor once, twice a week for your neck pain, you need this device to help you stretch your neck, relieve that tension and get you back to feeling good.''
- Katie D.


If you’re like me and struggling with neck pain each and every day, there isn’t a price tag that you wouldn’t pay. Chances are, you’ve been paying thousands per year in pain killers, other neck pain devices and chiropractor appointments.

We calculated the cost of the Neck Hero to be between $150-200, the average guess in the office was around $150.

Well, I’ve got good news for you.
The highly rated Neck Hero is just $69.95.

That’s already an amazing deal, right?

We thought so too. That’s why we were floored to hear the company is offering a one-time only further reduction in price of $20 off for our readers. Now you can get the Neck Hero for just $49.95.

Not only that, Kenko Back (the company behind the Neck Hero) is offering our readers free shipping with every order AND a free neck pain eBook (featuring the 11 most effective chiropractor recommended pain relief exercises).

That’s an incredible deal and a tiny price to live a pain free life and get back to enjoying the things you love free of the stress of chronic pain.


In short, Yes!

The Neck Hero by Kenko Back is the ultimate neck pain relief device for anyone suffering from neck pain, shoulder soreness or tension headaches. This is why it’s one of the bestselling items worldwide and sells out almost instantly.

They also have a results or full refund guarantee – which means you can try risk free and if the Neck Hero doesn’t relieve your neck pain the company simply refunds your money in full. That’s how confident they are that they have the best neck pain relief device on the market.

This is the perfect time to pick up the Neck Hero as it likely won’t be this discounted ever again.
The Neck Hero is currently sold only online. The checkout process is incredibly simple and fast. Even if you are not familiar with online shopping, we guarantee that you won’t have any problem placing your order.

Just follow these steps:
1. Visit the official website by clicking this link.
2. Claim your $20 discount.
3. Pay via PayPal, Afterpay or your favourite credit card (backed by security protection).


Friday, July 2, 2021 Update - Shortly after this article was posted, one of the biggest YouTube influencers posted a review. As a result, hundreds of customers have made use of the limited time promo. So hurry up before this $20 discount is gone and you have to wait for a new batch to be produced and need to pay full price.

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